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A Service to the Soul

March 3rd, 2011 Posted in Yoga Teacher Perspectives
Find that flame

that can burn beneath water

no other kind of light

will cook the food you need


Taking the time to go on ‘retreat’ is a perfect way to take the mind away from the chatter and clutter of daily life and allow our souls the chance to shine through and tell us what they need.
Retreats are a time when we literally retreat from our everyday lives in order to look inside ourselves. We take the time to knock on our own inner door of truth and, in doing so, get renewed clarity and perspective on our lives; we learn to find our centre and joy again. Just as we take the time to oil and tune our cars, we must take the time to service and realign our spirits and our spirit’s vehicle, the body.
By allowing time to still the chatter in our minds and by feeding the flame of our souls, we re-enter our lives energised and focused. We are steadied and reconnect with our true selves and with what gives meaning to our lives.
Byron Yoga Centre absolutely believes in the necessity of taking time out to rekindle our energetic flames. It is for this reason, we’ve organised some beautiful retreats this year that we can’t wait to share with you. The next one starts on April 9 at the ever-magical Tallows Beach. There will be daily meditation and philosophy to soothe and service your soul. Yoga and a massage to oil your limbs and stunning food and scenery to complete the picture! Mention this blog when booking to receive 15% off the total price!
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