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What meditation can do for you

February 3rd, 2011 Posted in Yoga Teacher Perspectives

Meditation is the practice of mastering our minds – taming their tendency to wander wildly and learning to reengage, bringing our awareness back to the present moment. When we meditate, we stop projecting into the future or playing the past over in our minds like a broken record. Instead, we settle into our skin, finding our centre within and through this, a sense of equanimity enabling us to better deal with the fluctuations and impermanence of life. Instead of being about the destination, meditation is very much about the journey and our sensory experience of it. When we are released from the shackles of the mind and simply allow ourselves to ‘be’ we can find clarity, lightness and a deeper sense of connection to life and to those around us. We feel more alive, more focused and more complete.

The asanas or postures in yoga were originally designed to prepare the physical body for meditation, so the combination is a naturally synergistic one. For this reason, we at Byron Yoga Centre have decided to hold a yoga and meditation retreat, starting February 19. Run by our resident philosopher and dedicated meditator with over twenty years experience, Stephan Kalhert, the retreat is designed to help those new to meditation as well as those who are experienced practitioners, but would like to deepen their practice and enhance their understanding of its philosophy and history. Held at our stunning Tallows Beach location, this is the perfect opportunity to get back in touch with yourself and learn the tools to gain clarity, calm and concentration in body, mind and spirit. Its going to be a beautiful and profound experience and we look forward to share it with you.

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