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Where to from here?

June 5th, 2010 Posted in AFTER Yoga Teacher Training

Well, isn’t that just the question of the day! Does anybody really know? I certainly don’t, but I suppose I have an idea of what direction I might choose to move in. First thing’s first, practice practice practice. I want to get out there in the big wide world after my yoga teacher training and teach classes. I would like to come to a place in my teaching where I feel comfortable in front of a class for 90 minutes. I want to feel confident in my teachings, in my sessions and in my knowledge. I’m getting there day by day, but it is something that requires time and a whole lot of awareness. Also, I think it requires time to let all the information from the course sink in.

In the last week, I have had a bit of an epiphany in terms of my dharma. I do love teaching yoga…love love love it! There is something however, that gets me so excited that I feel as if I’m going to bust out of my skin….and that is… I can’t wait to get home and bring yoga to kids and teens. One of the teachers on the course Stephan suggested that when one searches for their dharma, a good place to begin looking is in your memory banks.

When I go back to my childhood hopes and dreams and begin tracing my aspirations from then until now, two things are very clear…teaching…and youth (kids and teens). Among the many things I wanted to grow up to be were: a 2nd grade teacher, a paediatrician, a counselor for teen dealing with eating disorders, for kids with cancer and for troubled youth and more recently, a High School English teacher. As I reflected, I began to sense a pattern. Obviously yoga has brought my life an immeasurable amount of joy and at 23 years old, something I keep hearing is “You’re so lucky to have found yoga at such a young age”. I truly believe that I am that lucky and I want to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity that I had, to bring yoga into their lives.

So many people find yoga because something has gone wrong. Physically, they’re breaking down; knees, lower back, high cholesterol, obesity and so many other things. Mentally, they’re losing it; high stress, depression and anxiety, among many other emotional crisis’. They come to yoga because someone told them it would help them fix whatever is broken. What if we beat them to the punch? What if we worked on prevention as opposed to therapy and rebuilding? Children are the future…we hear it all the time. So why not give them the tools to be happy, healthy and whole now, so that they can build the future with those things in mind?

We all know what yoga has done for us and can do for so many. It brings us physical health and well being, awareness in body and mind, peace, calm, serenity and a purpose. Through the eight limbs of yoga, my life has been transformed, and I can’t begin to imagine what my life would look like if I had those concepts surrounding me from the very beginning. So many kids are becoming involved in sex, drugs and alcohol at such young ages. Not to mention the high rates of childhood obesity, ADD, ADHD and the rise of the couch potato. If you allow kids the opportunity to learn awareness and become in tune with their bodies and their minds, it’s my hope that they won’t feel the need to toxify their bodies, use prescription medication, seek excitement in unhealthy ways and generally “turn of”. With the knowledge I have gained here, the Pre and Post natal yoga workshop and my love for and experience with children and youth, I plan to go forth in the world and make our future a little brighter by bringing yoga into their present.

Short term, I would like to continue teaching general classes for all ages with a focus on kids and teens, as well as incorporating my interest in Yoga Therapy into private classes. I’d like to start my venture by hopefully teaching Yoga for dancers at a local dance studio and then after I have built up the experience, I would like to approach the board of education and propose incorporating yoga into their physical education programs. Eventually I’d like to open my own studio focusing primarily on kids and teen yoga with the opportunity for the students to experience Karma yoga (volunteering in the community as a group) and eventually yoga camps and retreats with a focus on yoga and issues that kids and teens deal with that are unique to them.

That is all for now. I can’t begin to process it all, but I’m so excited for my future. Thank you and Namaste…

Nicole Yarn

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