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Managing life and acceptance

June 26th, 2010 Posted in Yoga Teacher Perspectives, Yoga Teacher Trainee Perspectives

Have you ever known anyone faced with a life threatening illness? Have you or someone you know been confronted with an unexpected and potentially life threatening situation where everything normal went ‘into a spin’? How did you, or they react? Perhaps questions of the real meaning of life arose. It won’t come as too great a surprise to know yoga and retreat play important roles helping us adjust to major life challenges such as those posed by changes such as these.

At any given time, the chances are that someone you know is going through something of  a crisis. We receive a phone call (an email just seems too impersonal and distant) alerting us to their situation. It could be a call for a chat or a call to action. Their news might be urgent, asking us to travel a distance and give up work and even the needs of our immediate family to be by their side.

Sometimes just having someone to talk to, or someone who is not only trusted but also compassionate and considerate is needed. What might we tell them to do? If they are open to the gift of yoga, what would we recommend they do to manage their moment of crisis?

Few of us may boast the necessary qualifications to offer sound professional advice to others, such as close friends, in their time and hour of need. What we, as yoga teachers and practitioners is a form of guidance and the encouragement to draw upon the practice of yoga to help them ‘get through’.

Yoga therapy teachers offer a pathway to dealing with the stress and adjustment imposed by changing life circumstances, such as that of unexpected health issues where major changes are required in lifestyle and behaviour. Teachers in yoga therapy are experienced in dealing with ailments and illness from a wholistic yogic perspective.

Their gift of knowledge can be as simple as advice on gentle postures that assist with post operative recovery following medical treatment, or it might be guidance on meditative practice to help a student prepare for essential medical procedure involving interventionist trauma, such as complex surgery and medication.

One aspect of growing older is the growing likelihood that we, or someone close to us, will face even more serious life (and death) situations with age. When mortality suddenly becomes an ‘issue’, individuals usually begin to reassess how their life has been lived so far. What can also occur is an assessment and reordering of lifestyle so as to recover and restore the quality of life to which we’ve been accustomed. How reassuring to know yoga can not only assist the body recuperate after, say, surgery, but also help us keep focus on a path to inner stillness of the mind.

When someone you know is facing a challenge brought on by a sudden health crisis, either through accident or age, share your gift of yoga with them. If that someone is you, draw upon the strength and clarity of yoga’s healing power to keep the mind still and focus as you take important and essential steps on the path to recovery.

The support of friends and family can never be replaced or undervalued in any crisis. How much we choose to do for ourselves when the inevitable stress of life arises is up to us. Remember what yoga can do to help us manage.

Use yoga’s gift to engage with the body to guide us towards recovery using the yoga therapy approach. Yoga’s level of strength, support and nourishment is limitless once we adopt it’s wholistic approach encompassing respect and nurture embodied in teacher training.

Breathe in the beauty of yoga. But be careful to not over commit our body to recovery which can lead to disappointment and frustration. The guiding hand of yoga therapy and retreat is one approach at our disposal where the benefits are boundless!

What we might refer to as crisis, even at life’s end, can be managed with the love and support of others, appropriate medical advice and a yogic approach to healing and acceptance. Let’s offer that advice and support to others in their moment of need, by engaging in the teaching of yoga therapy through Byron Yoga Centre’s yoga therapy teacher training course. The course is a great opportunity to immerse ourselves in the knowledge and awareness of wonderful experienced teachers who have a deep understanding of healing and health appropriate for yogic mind and body management. Take the plunge and revel in the blessings offered by such an opportunity.

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