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Following my heart with yoga

May 9th, 2010 Posted in AFTER Yoga Teacher Training, BEFORE Yoga Teacher Training, Why enrol in Yoga Teacher Training?, Yoga Teacher Trainee Perspectives

There is no deep reasoning behind my decision to enrol in the level 2 course really, not this time. It just seems a logical next step. Previous events, circumstances have me led to this, I’m just following my heart really.

I have been involved in the Byron Yoga Centre for a couple of months now and I really enjoy contributing. I feel excited and a bit bored ‘operating’ in the scope of my level 1 knowledge. So maybe I’m looking for more diversity as a yoga teacher and as a practitioner.

What am I hoping to gain from the yoga training course? First and foremost a deeper understanding of yoga as a whole. Not daily asanas but the theory and lifestyle behind it. I want to improve my own practice and gain all those little details that bring life into the asanas.

From the Level 1 training I gained (quite) a regular daily meditation and pranayama practice. But I feel that my technique needs quite a bit of work. I realize it is a lifelong process, but we are able to develop ‘multifold’ during an intense course like this and last but not least, I want to develop and grow as a person. To become a better person, if you will.

I learnt so much about myself during Level 1 and I do feel that I am entering the Level 2 course with a complete different mindset. That is why I am I am hoping the process will no longer be as ‘painful’ as the last course was for me.

Well painful in a different way. I realize today, that I don’t have to be perfect nobody use expects that, only me. I’m looking forward to the challenges I am sure you have lined up for us.

L. Tael

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