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April 22nd, 2010 Posted in AFTER Yoga Teacher Training, BEFORE Yoga Teacher Training, Why enrol in Yoga Teacher Training?, Yoga Teacher Trainee Perspectives

I enrolled in Level 2 yoga teacher training because my Level 1 training with the Byron Yoga Centre was such an AMAZING experience for me.

It deepened my level of understanding of yoga, my self……life! So I am very keen to delve even deeper into this incredible practice that sustains me and nourishes me so much.

Also, because I want to be an EXCELLENT yoga teacher, teaching people good, inspiring, safe yoga…so, I’m hungry to learn more! I have been teaching beginner yoga classes for the past 6 months since my Level 1 training and have loved teaching with a passion, so I am looking forward to coming back and consolidating what I learnt, what I have been teaching and getting onto some more advanced teachings as well…going deeper!

It is my intention to do a different yoga teacher training each year so that my understanding grows, my knowledge increases and I can continue to be inspired, motivated and in connection with, like-minded and like-intentioned individuals.

Mostly I am doing the course because I love yoga and I love learning to teach yoga…I want to increase my sense of living in the moment and doing what I love, I want to live health, harmony, happiness, I want to be inspired, learn and grow more, increase my knowledge…have the tools to be an excellent teacher so I can help let this wonderful practice ripple out into the world!!

In the broadest sense, I’d like to take my teaching to the next level….from beginners, to more intermediate. I’d also like to take my self practice to the next level and increase the intensity and frequency of the potentially limited times I have to practice.

Importantly for me I’d like to learn how to keep it all part of my everyday life; integrate it all into my ‘real’ world…LIVE it, all of it; the diet, ethics, lifestyle etc.

I’d like to get clearer about where to take my teaching; how to make a sustainable living from teaching yoga! Business ideas, advice etc….

Specifically, I’m wanting to gain more knowledge, so I can become an excellent yoga teacher.

I’d like to: learn how to  sequence different types of classes, come away with good class plans, gain a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology; gain a deeper understanding of what to do for people with different injuries; how to prevent from further injuring themselves and also how to strengthen areas of weakness.

Yay! Bring it on!


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