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The challenge ‘to get up in the morning’

March 21st, 2010 Posted in Why enrol in Yoga Teacher Training?

There are a number of reasons why I have chosen to undertake this yoga teacher training course. Firstly I would like to develop a strong foundation in my understanding of the practice of the asanas.

Over the years of practicing yoga I have been subject to a number of teacher and different methods of teaching. As is common practice I have been adjusted often however not always with insight and gentle spirit and often as a result of incompetent instructions given in regard to entering the pose-as a result I often hold tension when I am practicing because I am not sure if I am doing it correctly.

I would like to have a strong understanding of what is expected in each pose so I know what I am doing and can heal the tension and fear in the mind and find rest in the postures. It is very rare for a yoga teacher to give you credit when a pose has been performed correctly-I know that in the Iyengar tradition teachers are actively encouraged not to give praise to avoid building up the practitioners ego-however the opposite side of this method is that it can create uncertainly in the mind of the practitioner.

Secondly-I am hoping to gain enough inspiration and motivation to develop my own daily practice-yoga, pranayama, meditation and prayer-seems that for me one of the greatest challenges in life is to ‘to get up in the morning’.

Thirdly I would like to have the assurance of mind in teaching the asanas that I as a teacher am giving clear directives and insights-over the past couple of years I have been asked to teach Yoga and although I accepted the request, I wasn’t comfortable teaching when I didn’t have some from of accreditation or solid training from one teacher.

Fourthly I am hoping that by adding this accreditation to the list of practices and skills I have already, namely music and mandala art therapy/meditation-I will be able to further my work in the fields of personal and community development and link in with other practitioners. I am particularly interested in working with marginalized and socially disadvantaged groups such as Kooris, people with a mental illness, and women in prison.


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