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Yoga teacher training to benefit outback Australia

March 15th, 2008 Posted in BEFORE Yoga Teacher Training

Since discovering yoga one year ago, I have always wanted to develop my personal yoga practice by enrolling into a disciplined intensive course to maximize the benefits within a defined time frame. This is partly due to the remoteness of Coober Pedy and also because there are no active fitness programs up and running (yet!) in town.
Inadvertently, upon the community hearing the news that I was contemplating this course, local council took initiative to raise interest within the community with the result being overwhelming; with i.e. sponsorship, venue discounts, individual donations and encouragement!

Due to this, I intend to fulfill a local program to provide yoga classes in Coober Pedy upon completion of my yoga teacher training course. I am now enjoying the holistic approach and my focus is to be a confident, warm-hearted yoga teacher armed with enough knowledge to commence and maintain a yoga practice in outback Australia.

Before beginning the course; my focus was solely asanas. Now I also have a keen interest in the following:

1.    Meditation/ Pranayama – (personally challenged in this area)
2.    Nutrition – (to maintain a strict sattvic diet + knowing how to combine foods)
3.    Philosophy
4.    To enjoy the NOW!

Thank you for providing this opportunity as my changes within thus far have been immense!

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